At Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Villawood, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Sonia Tannous
Sonia Tannous Principal
One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is an education. Read more
Samantha Richardson
Samantha RichardsonAssistant Principal
In this rapidly changing world, it is imperative that educators instil within children a love of learning and commitment to their faith. Read more
Eddy Rumora
Eddy RumoraReligious Education Coordinator and Leader of Pedagogy
As we seek to empower and inspire our students to be engaged and agile learners, nothing is more important than high quality teaching and ensuring that no child is left behind.Read more
Katrina Habib
Katrina HabibInstructional Specialist
All students are empowered to learn and achieve, to experience high quality teaching practice and the best conditions for learning. Read more
Lauren Stephenson
Lauren StephensonMathematics Coordinator
I believe that the beauty of teaching is in the learning that happens every day. Read more
Emily Di Terlizzi
Emily Di TerlizziNewman Coordinator
Education is an important lifelong journey for every person, we never stop learning. Read more