At Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Villawood, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Role Name
Principal Helen Vujevic
Assistant Principal Karin Webb (Acting)
Religious Education Coordinator Georgina De Marino (Acting)
Instructional Specialist Katrina Habib
Mathematics Coordinator Lauren Stephenson
Science/ICT Coordinator Melissa Pozzolungo
Role Name
Vietnamese Liaison Officer/
Learning Support Officer
Sr Angela Nguyen
EAL/D Anna Luccitti
Reading Recovery Caterina Patti
Diverse Learning Maryanne Tax
Diverse Learning Nicole Aburto
Learning Support Officer Carol Buttigieg
Learning Support Officer Jo Vizakos
Learning Support Officer Christine Mallia
Librarian Debbie Honeysett
Role Name
Secretary Evelyn Fernandez
Secretary Lesley David
Office Support Staff Helen Tieu
Family Educator Sam D’Silva
Community Hub Leader Christine Mallia
Role Name
Kinder Sacred Kathryn Smith
Kinder Heart Maddison Adams
Year 1 Sacred Melissa Pozzolungo
Year 1 Heart Raquel Hoch
Year 2 Georgina De Marino
Year 3 Katrina Habib/
Alisa Nehme
Year 4 Lauren Stephenson
Year 5 Elizabeth Salloum
Year 6 Lauren Masalkovski
Music Alex Hudson
Visual Arts Maria Alejo